Founded in 1998, Pittsburgh Digital is an innovative engineering firm that provides product development, engineering, and production hardware for manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment.

Some of our products and valued clients:

Digital Leslie Pedal Sceptre 6 and Sceptre 8
studio monitors

Dyna-Touch™ Plus
series of amplifiers
Loudspeaker management
filter design
The BBE Sonic Maximizer Quadraverb 2 Studio
Multi-Effects Processor

Digital modeling guitar
amps and effects
Audio FX2, bundled with SONAR Tx3 Modeling Guitar Processor, with on-board FM transmitter

Research and Development
for PRS technology
Manufacturer of in-ear monitors and hearing protection for musicians Digital sub-assemblies for
modular synthesis products

BBE High Definition Audio

The BBE Sonic Maximizer has become a fixture in so many studios and venues. When BBE Sound needed to re-create their signature product in the digital domain, they turned to Pittsburgh Digital to do the job. Pittsburgh Digital quickly and faithfully reproduced the classic BBE sound on both TI and Analog Devices DSP chips, for BBE’s subsequent licensing, and use in their products.

Broadcast Devices Inc.


Like other areas of audio engineering, sometimes the work load in developing broadcast equipment can get too heavy for an engineering department when personnel resources grow scarce. Meeting deadlines becomes impossible without a helping hand from trusted professionals. The engineers at Broadcast Devices International always know that they can turn to Pittsburgh Digital to help out in a pinch. In the role of a hired gun, the talent at Pittsburgh Digital is always a reliable way to get the job done quickly and professionally.

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Based in Phoenix, Grip Innovations is a startup that is leading the AV transformation, designing the next generation of professional audiovisual systems.

To rapidly speed the audio portion of their development, Grip Innovations has taken advantage of Pittsburgh Digital’s pre-existing libraries of DSP audio algorithms, running on high performance TI processors.

Utilizing our algorithm libraries, customers can count on getting the highest quality signal processing algorithms available, even optimized to their specific processor, without the need to design or develop the algorithms from scratch.

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Intensive Care Units worldwide count on Datascope equipment. For 40 years, Datascope has been at the forefront in innovative cardiovascular technology. Through TI’s third party network, Datascope plugged into Pittsburgh Digital’s expertise in audio signal processing, and saw ways to use our algorithms to rapidly reduce development time. In very little time, Pittsburgh Digital created a demo of the algorithms' effectiveness, allowing Datascope to quickly make a decision based on our proof of concept. From there, Pittsburgh Digital migrated its algorithms to Datascope’s hardware, providing a flexible yet finely-tuned module of production-quality code, ready for FDA testing.

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Bossa Nova Concepts 

So often, the success of a product is based more on its price point than its features. Designing microprocessor-based toys requires a special kind of creativity, especially when designers need to generate complex behavior from the most economical hardware.

In 2007, Pittsburgh Digital investigated a number of cost-effective hardware and software solutions for Bossa Nova Concepts, LLC.  Realizing a dream of giving kids everywhere an opportunity to interact with a new generation of toy robots, Bossa Nova Concepts makes robots which are agile and dynamic; so much so that you will think they are alive.

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